Bank re-authentication in Xero is getting easier

We know for a number of clients, the 90-day bank re-authentication process has a been a pain! The senior team at Xero also understand the frustrations this has caused users, and since June this year have lobbied the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to simplify the process. The good news is that most banks and Xero have implemented this already - please see the next steps below.

What will I need to do?

Rather than having to log in to your bank account, going forward (once your bank has rolled out their system changes), the 90-day reauthentication process will only require you to click on a 'reconfirm consent' button.

Once your bank has gone live with their change, you will need to re-authenticate your bank feed one more time to trigger the new process. This consent expires after 90 days. After the expiration date of 90 days, you will be prompted to click on a 'reconfirm consent’ button in the Xero app instead.

When will I be able to use the simplified process of bank re-authentication?

As mentioned above, the simplification process requires changes within each bank’s system as well as some work on Xero’s end, therefore different UK banks are going live with the changes on different dates.

 The following banks are available now and Xero is ready to facilitate the simplified re-authentication process:

  • NatWest
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Barclays Bank
  • HSBC Group (excl. Corporate accounts)
  • Santander UK

Xero will regularly update the list of all banks once the banks have announced their implementation dates. You can click here to visit Xero Central to view the updated list at any time.

LWA are here to help

As LWA's inhouse dedicated Client Digital & Accounts Support, I am here to advise you on any queries relating to the email above or Xero in general - please contact me on the details below at any time:

Bradley Allen-McKenna
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