How to choose an accountant

As a business needing an accountant in Manchester or Warrington, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision, and there are so many elements you must take into consideration to ensure they are the right fit.

They must be able to match your needs and budget, as well as have a team providing a personalised service that you are confident in and most importantly; know, like and trust.

So, to try and make your life a little easier at Leavitt Walmsley Associates, we have put together the following essentials to look out for to show you how to choose an accountant, and how to get the most from them going forward, which you can use as a checklist for finding the perfect match for your business.

Communication is key

Ease of contact

Being able to easily contact your accountant is of utmost importance, whether it’s to settle any worries you may have, answer a pressing question about your accounts, or simply get some advice and guidance.

Jargon free

When it comes to communication, most importantly, it needs to be jargon free. The best accountants understand that complicated terminology can be confusing and difficult to understand, particularly when busy business owners don’t have the time to decode each email or conversation.

Be local

Ideally you want an accountant that you can meet with face to face when needed, so choosing a firm in a location near to you is ideal. If you are a business based in the North West, having Manchester accountants or Warrington accountants is handy for ease of access and ability to meet.

Personal relationships

Nobody likes to be passed from pillar to post, and building strong client relationships is essential when it comes to understanding client needs. Therefore, you should find out which member of the team you will be dealing with, and if they will be your permanent account manager going forward.

A Proactive Team

Ideas and suggestions

Rather than just providing the services you have requested, look for an accountant who will regularly suggest new tax-saving ideas and concepts which will benefit your business. After all, they are the experts!

Commercial awareness

You need an accountancy team with whom you can talk openly and honestly to about your business ideas and goals, and who will apply specific commercial awareness. By gaining a genuine understanding of your business, your accountants can then tailor their services to your long-term aspirations.

Regular updates

Visit the website of your desired accountant to see how proactive they are when it comes to regular updates and informative content. Do they have an expert blog or issue a helpful newsletter covering key topics? It’s likely that if an accountant’s online presence is informative, engaging and helpful, their services provision will follow suit.

A Value-added Service


Do they offer an initial consultation free of charge? Meeting face-to-face can really help when it
comes to tailoring costs bespoke to the needs and requirements of a business, in addition to beginning that all-important personal relationship.

Awards and accreditations

For peace of mind, it helps to choose an accountant which is regulated by a professional body, and look out for any other accreditations which contribute to the credibility of the firm. It also doesn’t harm to see a few trophies on their awards shelf!

 Variety of services offered

As well as ensuring the accountancy firm offers all of the services your require, look into the variety of other services they offer which may benefit you in the future. Your accountants should help you grow, and as you grow, so will your list of requirements, so make sure they have the capacity to look after your needs.

Having the right accountants in place should save you time and money, ultimately making your life easier, which is exactly what the team at LWA strive to do for each of our clients. If you would like to find out how we could work for you, please don’t hesitate to give one of our teams a call in Sale, Manchester on 0161 905 1801 or in Birchwood, Warrington on 01925 830 830 to arrange your free consultation.