Non-Exec Finance Director Solution

If your business is growing rapidly, or you want to achieve significant structured growth, then you may want to consider an outsourced consultant to fulfil the valuable responsibility of a Finance Director.

LWA have helped many businesses working alongside the owners or managing directors as non-executive Finance Director, outlining, implementing and ensuring the achievement of their financial strategies as part of the overall corporate goals.

Undertaking the role of Non-Exec Finance Director, LWA oversees the following responsibilities:

  • Offering guidance to the MD or CEO when determining the corporate objectives of the business, advising on the projected success or failure based on availability of finances for budgets.
  • Collating the financial strategy and departmental budgets for the business and projecting the effects on the business goals.
  • Understanding, analysing and presenting regular reports on internal factors including turnover, profit, income targets, and productivity and comparison projections to results.
  • Analysing where there are or could be potential failings based on underachieving against projections, and suggesting solutions or alternative routes to success.
  • Understanding, analysing and presenting regular reports on external factors such as financial trends, stock market movements, competitor activity, market opportunities and their potential effects on the business.
  • Working alongside other board or management members such as Logistics, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources, for example in the recruitment, selection, training, motivation and promotion of financial staff.
  • Supervising the timely and accurate production of legislative requirements such as tax returns, balance statements, audits, accounting procedures, and payroll.
  • Managing any company investments, dividends, and capital reserves.
  • Preparing tender documents and implementing purchasing practices.

 We have provided a lifeline to many businesses and would be happy to discuss your business growth needs, and to help identify whether our non-exec Finance Director solution would be a viable option. We have many testimonials from clients that have benefited from LWA’s Non-Exec Finance Director solution.