Dext (Prepare) is accountancy (bookkeeping) software available to use online and/or app on a desktop or mobile device, and allows you to easily record and allocate expenses.

Dext works seamlessly with software such as Xero, to ensure more accurate preparation of your accounts - if you are already using Xero, you can start using Dext for the preparation work of managing invoices and receipts. Here’s a Guide to Cloud Accounting from Dext.

You can simply take a picture of your invoice or receipt, or forward emailed invoices to your unique Dext email address and the software takes care of the rest – no more manually entering invoices!

As Dext Partners, LWA, can offer discounted subscriptions to our clients. We have a number of clients that have left Google Reviews and feedback about how using Dext has massively improved their bookkeeping processes. If you would like to set up an account, we can organise this for you and if you already have an account and want some additional training, please contact our inhouse Client Digital & Accounts Support expert, Bradley Allen-McKenna on 0161 905 1801 or via email to

We also regularly post updated blog posts on accountancy software apps - please visit the blog to see the latest content.

  1. How to set up your Dext account

  2. How to add documents to Dext

  3. Automating invoice collection in Dext