HMRC app updated for job candidates to help employers

HMRC have recently updated their app with tools that will help employers working alongside job applicants, to source the information they need more quickly, potentially speeding up the recruitment process – something we know many businesses are struggling to achieve right now. Read our blog below to see how you could benefit.

  • Sara Bishop
  • November 29th 2022

Help for employers in the recruitment process

Many employers are required to do pre-employment and security checks to verify details of job applicants such as national insurance number, employment history, tax codes and income. The updated HMRC app can provide this information (income going back 5 years) in the PAYE section of the app, at the touch of a button, therefore speeding up the recruitment process.

Employers can ask job applicants to download the HMRC app to access and download the information required, rather than having to get in touch with HMRC by phone and waiting 10 days for the information to arrive in the post and then be passed on.


Benefits for individuals

As well as helping potential employers to receive your employment and income details for their pre-employment checks more quickly, the information in the HMRC app can also be used for other important areas of your financial and tax planning including:

  • your self-assessment tax return
  • details needed by your accountant, bookkeeper or tax agent
  • information that some mortgage advisors might accept for a mortgage application.
  • You can also use the app to make your self-assessment tax payment – and with that note comes our reminder to get your self-assessment tax return in and paid by 31st January 2023 – why not download and use the app now?


Easy to register and use

You can download the app via Google Play for Android devices or from the App Store for Apple products. And once you’ve used the app, it’s easy to access your information using your unique 6-digit pin number; face recognition or thumb print.


Find out more

Visit and search ‘HMRC App’ to learn more about the app and its benefits. For employer advice about pay, national insurance contributions and tax codes, please call Sara or Angela in our dedicated Payroll Services department on 0161 905 1801 in Manchester or 01925 830 830 in Warrington, or you can email