Streamlining your bill payments with Xero's latest feature

We are thrilled to announce an exciting update for LWA clients using Xero – the introduction of bill payments directly within the platform! Now, leveraging the power of open banking, you can seamlessly and efficiently settle your GBP bills without ever leaving the Xero environment.

In this blog post, we'll explore the user-friendly features, the advantages of this new functionality, and the ease of setting it up.

User-friendly interface to pay bills

With the new bill payment feature, Xero users can enjoy a hassle-free experience. Simply select the bills you want to pay, request payment from relevant parties, and then pass it on to your clients for authorisation – all within the Xero interface. The entire process is streamlined, and funds are smoothly transferred from your client's bank account using open banking.


Batch payments by Xero for efficiency

Gone are the days of paying bills one by one. With Xero's latest update, you can now batch pay multiple bills at once, saving you valuable time. No need to process each bill separately or export complex payment files – just another way Xero simplifies your financial workflows.


Automated reconciliation in Xero

Xero takes care of the tedious task of reconciliation for you. Once payments are authorized and processed, bills are automatically marked as paid. The system intelligently matches payments to statement lines in Xero, ensuring accurate and efficient reconciliation, and freeing up your time for more strategic financial activities.


Getting started with Xero Bill Payments

Setting up bill payments is a breeze and comes at no cost. Business owners can initiate the process by connecting their bank within Xero. Once connected, the option to pay bills through direct bank transfer becomes an additional, convenient payment method. For those needing assistance or more information, resources like Xero Central and FAQs are readily available.


With the introduction of bill payments in Xero, managing your finances has never been more convenient. Enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use interface, batch payments, automated reconciliation, and real-time insights to optimize your financial strategies. Embrace the future of financial management with Xero's latest feature – a tool designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient in 2024.


LWA clients can utilise the expertise of our inhouse Client Digital Support team including Bradley Allen-McKenna and Matt Jones, to help get set up on Xero and adding this new feature. Contact our team by telephone on 0161 905 1801 in South Manchester or on 01925 830 830 in our Warrington office, or you can email with ‘Xero payment support’ as the subject.