Updated VAT road fuel scale charges from 1st May

From 1st May 2024, the VAT road fuel scale charges will be updated. The new rates will need to be used from the start of the next VAT accounting period that begins on or after 1st May. So, if your next VAT quarter starts on 1st June, you will begin using the new rates for the quarter that begins on 1st June. Read more in our blog below.

VAT road fuel scale charges provide a simplified method for calculating and accounting for VAT for VAT registered businesses that pay for road fuel that is used both for business and private purposes.

Instead of tracking each fuel purchase individually, businesses apply fixed charges based on the type of vehicle and its CO2 emissions. The fixed charges are effectively an estimate of the VAT on private use.

If your business only pays for fuel that is used for business purposes, or simply reimburses business mileage to employees, there is no need to use the VAT road fuel scale charges.

The vehicle logbook or UK approval certificate should show the vehicle’s CO2 emissions figure. However, the online tool which you can access by clicking here, can also be used to check this figure. If the car is too old to have a CO2 emissions figure, then the CO2 band needs to be identified based on the engine size.

The new scale charges together with details on how to calculate the charge for a vehicle can be found on HMRC’s website here. If you need any help with calculating the rate or you are not sure whether you need to use these charges on your VAT return, please feel free to call us and we will be happy to help you.