Business Plan Tools

In addition to being appointed as accountants and tax experts for our clients, LWA offer a range of business advisory services.

We focus on innovative tools that have proved to help our clients navigate through the economic challenges of the past few years. Our team has knowledge and access to some great tools to help businesses plan and forecast.

The software we use provides you with an early warning system by pulling through your existing transactions and balances from Xero or QuickBooks Online and analysing the information to provide an accurate forecast and allowing you to test current decisions as well as plan for future ones; Some things that might seem like a no brainer at the time can have a butterfly effect on your finances down the line. For example; when to invest in stocking up your business, when to increase salaries, when to invest last month’s profits.

Contact our inhouse digital accounting experts – Matt Jones and Bradley Allen-McKenna to see how we can help you succeed in 2023. Call us on 0161 905 1801 in Manchester or on 01925 830 830 in Warrington or send an email to with the subject: Business Forecasting query

We also regularly post updated blog posts on accountancy software apps - please visit the blog to see the latest content